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    Richard Lusk

    Hi Celeste,

    Thanks for such a wonderful post and the link to Foldera. I really appreciate it.

    Richard Lusk

    Michael Sampson

    As Richard already said, thanks for a wonderful post sharing your thoughts and reactions to Foldera. We've been blown away by the interest across the world, and are so looking forward to the beta release in early May. It will be great to provide you and your colleagues with tools that make a real difference.

    When you do get your beta account, I hope we can chat about your experiences with project and knowledge management in nonprofits using Foldera. If there are things we can do to make the service better fit the needs of nonprofits then we are keen to learn and do. And if you want to have a conversation in advance of the release date, then I'm open to that too. You have my email details.

    Regardless, keep up your good work.

    Michael Sampson
    Global VP of Word-of-Mouth Marketing
    Foldera, Inc.

    George Scott

    Foldera was a great idea but they have closed the beta accounts they opened and are not taking any new registrations.

    You might try it has been online for a few years and has over 30,000 users, it is free like Foldera only more reliable.

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