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    Nora Ganim Barnes

    You make many good points. I was not sure, given all that has been written by consultants and bloggers themselves, what things of value needed to be studied. You have cited several areas that I think need attention. "The effect of business blogs on customer or stakeholder behavior" is really a key issue for a business. Thanks for the insightful comments and suggestions for future research.

    celeste w @studio 501c

    Thanks, Dr. Barnes, for your comments. Many people are very pleased that academics are studying blogging. I've seen a few comments on the Web suggesting that you set up a blog. It seems that it would be quite fitting. We'd love to have you in the blogosphere!

    If you have any questions on using Typepad to blog (or on anything else, e.g., any of the features I've implemented on this blog), let me know.

    Jillaine Smith

    Celeste, great review of Barnes' study. Thanks for the tip on "be aware of absolute truths."
    The study opens with a set of "absolute truths" without pointing to any research that backs up businesses going out of business if they don't set up a blog.

    As I've commented elsewhere, I'd like to see more work done to understand the value proposition of blogging (and tagging, etc.) that makes a strong enough case to nonprofits (and the funders who fund them) to invest in blogging as a strategic communications choice.

    -- Jillaine

    celeste w@studio 501c

    Thanks for dropping by, Jilliane. I agree that evidence-based benefits would be useful, and I think we'll start to see more of that thanks to groups like Netsquared.

    Nonetheless, I believe that most nonprofits with a web presence would benefit from the kind of "business-lunch blog" I describe in another post. I think that offering a personal, but professional, connection to the goings-on of the nonprofit would help enhance almost any nonprofit's communications efforts.

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